Wonderful Rare British Military Heavy Dragoon Pattern 1738 Flintlock Horse Pistol, #3195 Firearms

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A Rare and Wonderful Antique King George II French and Indian War - American Revolutionary War Period British Military Heavy Dragoon Pattern 1738 Flintlock Horse Pistol, circa. 1738-1750. 12" .62 cal. barrel stamped w/remnants of (2) TOWER PROOFS, and, remnants of barrel maker mark (all marks were intentionally removed); tang cracked trough. Lock engraved w/contractor most likely 'JORDAN, '17--', a 'CROWN' over 'G R'(King George the II), a small 'CROWN' over the 'BROAD ARROW' (Government ownership) ALL MARKINGS INTENTIONALLY REMOVED BY AMERICAN FORCES DURING THE PERIOD OF USE. Brass regulation furniture w/vacant wrist escutcheon. Stock has a Full 'store's keepers' mark just above the rear of the lock plate; is solid w/chip missing from the left upper front edge of muzzle; a stress crack above side plate w/scratches and dings from years of service. Brass tipped wood ram rod. A great Heavy Dragoon in original flint that most certainly was in the hands of the American Forces during the American Revolutionary War, and in good mechanical working order. 19.5" overall.

Note; it is widely known that most of the captured or stolen British Military weapons had the markings removed due to the hatred of King George III and more importantly, if re-captured during the war by the British, the British authorities could not prove the weapons were stolen.

PROVENANCE; Ex. Clark R. Hoffman Collection.