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Purchaser's Acknowledgement Agreement
Purchaser acknowledges receipt of the merchandise described from Tortuga Trading, Inc. ( and partners and, by such receipt:
1).  assumes all responsibility and liability therefore, including but not limited to usage and storage of same;
2).  expressly agrees that Tortuga Trading, Inc. or it's partners assume any liability whatsoever under any applicable laws for its use, resale or safe handling under any applicable law or regulation;
3).  covenants not to institute legal proceedings of any kind against Tortuga Trading, Inc. and/or partners concerning any injury, claim, demand, damage, right or cause, or action of any and every kind and nature arising out of any assertion of personal injury or property damage to Purchaser or to any other persons or property arising from purchase of the described merchandise and covenants to hold Tortuga Trading, Inc. harmless from all damages, claims, actions, judgments, fees or costs of counsel which may arise or be in any manner asserted to arise from purchase or possession of the described merchandise;
4).  understands that all Tortuga Trading, Inc. and partners merchandise is sold solely as collector's items, and is not warranted as functionally sound or safe, and that any firearm must be inspected by a licensed gunsmith before firing.  Items of recent manufacturer may be covered by a warranty from the manufacturer but are in no circumstances warranted in any respect by Tortuga Trading, Inc. and or partners.
5).  understands that any described item may be returned in unaltered condition to Tortuga Trading, Inc. and/or partners at Purchaser's expense within 14 days of date of receipt for a full refund of price paid, less any shipping charges.
Descriptions and Grading.
1).   Purchaser acknowledges that all grading of coin and collectable merchandise sold by Tortuga Trading, Inc. and/or partners have been determined by independent grading services, and/or by Tortuga Trading, Inc. ; it being understood that the purchaser acknowledges that the grading of rare coin(s), currency, antique Arms and Armor and all collectible tangible assets are subjective and accordingly may differ among independent grading services and among expert numismatists, antique dealers and estate or auction appraisers of collectible tangible assets and that such grading may have a material effect on the ultimate value of the coin merchandise.
2).  Tortuga Trading, Inc. and/or partners shall not be responsible for the grade(s) assigned  by independent grading services, and makes no warranty or representation regarding such grade(s).  All third party grading are sold "As Is" and are not returnable.
3).  Description(s) are based solely upon an examination of the coin(s), antique Arms and Armor and/or collectible tangible assets, and are not intended to describe in detail any perceived special characteristics; it being understood that purchaser acknowledge that coin(s), antique Arms and Armor and/or collectible tangible asset grading and perception(s) are inherently subjective.
4).  Tortuga Trading, Inc. and/or partners do not warranty the accuracy of the description(s) and the photograph(s) contained on the web site, and that the purchaser acknowledges and agrees that the actual merchandise offered for sale may vary in size and/or scale from any photograph(s) and/or description of the merchandise.
5).  There can be no claim that any verbal description of the merchandise, provided by Tortuga Trading, Inc. and /or partners, varies and/or alters the description contained on the web site.