Wonderful Dutch Flintlock Blunderbuss/Musketoon by, PENTERMAN, UTRECHT, #3114 Firearms

$ 6,000.00

A Wonderful Large Antique Dutch Flintlock Blunderbuss/Musketoon made by; PENTERMAN, UTRECHT, circa. 1690-1710. 26 1/4" steel blunderbuss barrel struck with mark on the top flat of breech. Lock engraved with maker's name; 'PENTERMAN', 'UTRECHT' and struck with maker's mark just above the frizzen finial. Fine brass furniture including a lovely engraved open worked side plate. Stock is solid w/carved decorative edge relief, light scratches and dings from years of handling. 42" overall. I good working order.

Note; Stock may have been replaced during it's working life and has had additional varnish applied over time which was common to extend the working life of the weapon.


VQQADR, 2020