Unusual Modified French Military Model Year 'An XIII' Flintlock Service Pistol, #3188 Firearms

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An Interesting Antique Napoleonic War and American War of 1812 Antique French Military Model Year 'An XIII' (1804) Flintlock Service Pistol modified to be trap or ignition gun, circa. dated 1813. 7.75" .69 cal. barrel struck w/inspector's/Proof marks and modified to accept a large bolt to be inserted into the left side about 1" ahead of the breech and when the bore is examined does not effect the firing ability. A wire runs through the grip area and connects to another wire which passes through the rear of the trigger guard bow and attaches to the trigger. When the wire is pulled the pistol will fire. Brass regulation furniture has a pleasing untouched olive color age patina. Lock is marked; 'Manif Imp de Charleville' (French Arsenal at Charleville). The stock is solid w/chips, scratches and dings from years of service. All steel parts are pitted from extended exposure to the elements. Later replacement steel ram rod. In good working mechanical order. 14.5" overall.


Note; When we received the pistol, the lock was frozen and many of the holes were plugged up. The pistol has since been tastefully restored. The wire has been replaced and now works perfectly. There is a hole in the front portion of the trigger bow for another wire to pass through. Also, another hole passes through the the lower part of the butt cap and exits just under the bottom of the trigger guard allowing another wire to be attached.

This type of added side bolt could be attributed to many circumstances;

1). the pistol may have been fixed to the side of a carriage/wagon, ship or wall as a trap gun.

2). the pistol may have been fixed to a plank of wood with the muzzle pointed into a cask/barrel of black powder and used as the ignition to blow up a target. This scenario has been depicted in several movies from historical accounts. Movies such as; 'Anna & The King', 1999 staring Jody Foster and Chow Yun-Fat, 'The Mission', 1986 staring Robert De Niro, Jeremy Irons, Aidan Quinn and Liam Neeson.

3). the pistol may have been fixed to a plank of wood w/a trip-wire in a grave yard as a deterrent to the grave robbers/body snatchers.