Unidentified Early 19th Century Heavy Cavalry Sword

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An Unidentified Antique Early 19th Century Heavy Cavalry Sword.  This Heavy Cavalry Sword has a 33.5" single-edge, unmarked curved blade. The brass hilt / guard is a similar form to the French Military AN XIII Cuirassier's Broadsword, yet unidentified. Wood grip has single brass wire wrap (some loses). The sword is most likely an assemblage of parts to make a serviceable weapon that may have seen action in the Napoleonic War through the American Civil War. It is very possible that this sword was used by a Confederate cavalryman. The scabbard is lacking. This sword came out of an old collection that had a large focus on the Civil War (especially Confederate weapons). The blade has areas of light salt and pepper rust pitting, overall a dull grey in color. The brass hilt / guard has a deep olive green age patina.  No scabbard.