TWO c. 1870 Studio Tintype Portraits

$ 150.00

Lot of Two Studio Tintype Portraits. c. 1870s, Lot of 2 Tintypes, Older Man and Younger Girl, Choice Fine.. 1. Approx. 8.25” x 7.25”, this tintype depicts an image of an older man sitting for a portrait. He is dressed in a fine suit and sporting a beard in the style of Abraham Lincoln. There are some dark places along the corners, and some cracking by the subject’s left hand. Still, this is a choice fine tintype.2. Approx. 8” x 5.5”, the subject of this tintype is a young girl, fashioned in a sweet dress with a parasol accessory. Unfortunately, there is an excessive amount of scratching visible, along with an absence about .5” in diameter close to the subject’s head. The image itself, however, is nicely crisp and clear, revealing the mesmerizing eyes its subject. (Lot of 2).