Ten (X) Cash Copper Coin From the Shipwreck, #3000 ADMIRAL GARDNER, 1809 Set in Sterling Silver as a Pendent

$ 85.00


The English East India Company ships, Admiral Gardner and Britainnia set sail from the Downs on January 24, 1809 headed for India. Strong winds ran the Admiral Gardner and Britainnia on to the Goodwin Sands. All attempts to free the ships failed. On the morning of January 25th, the ships could be seen by spectators from the coastal town of Deal. With only foremasts standing, the ships hoisted signals of distress and the crews gathered on deck awaiting rescue. Boatmen from Deal and Ramsgate were able to rescue most of the crew, at the risk of their own lives. The Admiral Gardner was carrying 54 tons of copper coins when it sank !
The copper "X cash" coin below was minted in England. From 1803 to 1808, four denomination were struck-XX, X, V and I cash- then sent to Madras, India. The obverse bears the East India Company's balemark (or logo); the reverse states the denomination in Persian and English.
The EIC was formed by English businessmen in the mid-16th century. The EIC's main objective was expansion of trade for the British Empire and to secure its monopoly over exports. The first EIC ship's set sail for the East Indies in 1601. In 1612, the EIC stablished its foundation in India. By 1639, the EIC was allowed to purchase land, establish settlements and produce bullion in the local mints. Besides producing local currency, the EIC produced copper coins to be used for trade throughout the Empire.

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