Small Iron Nuremburg Jewellery or Bullion Treasure Chest/Casket, circa. 1550, #1974 Treasure Artifacts

$ 10,500.00

A Fine and Rare Small Antique Iron Nuremberg Jewelry or Bullion Treasure Chest/Casket, circa. 1550. Most likely from the Nuremberg workshops of Michael or Conradt Mann. Similar examples are preserved at the Ironwork Gallery of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.
Measures; 6.5" wide X 4.5" deep X 3.5" high. Formed in a small rectangular box, w/single handle attached to the top of the lid. The lid attached w/two iron hinges and containing the complex lock mechanism, accessed with a single key, the hole for which is concealed beneath a movable strap running across the center of the top of the lid. Decorated over all the outside surfaces w/etched panels within defoliate borders and enclosing, upon floral grounds w/falcon headed serpents. The etched panel interior lock mechanism throws 2 bolts at the turn of the key. Casket has a dark age patina and has never been cleaned. A wonderful specimen in good working order.

Note; A Fantastic Large example is published in Peter Finer's 2005 catalog that clearly shows the same form and etched panel decoration.

Consignment; E. R. 2014