Revolutionary War French Hanger w/Tortoise Shell Grip, #1616 Edged Weapons

$ 2,200.00

Circa. 1720- 1750

A very nice example of a French Hanger, circa. 1720-1750. 17th century 22.5" double edge blade marked "1 ? RUNNING FOX or RUNNING WOLF 79" (on both sides). Tortoise Shell grip w/vertical fluting. Brass guard bearing raised animal, human figures, and floral decorations. The use of a much older blade lends value to the possibility of this "period assemblage" of American hands. A very interesting hanger of the American Revolutionary War period. No scabbard.

Ref. See; p. 83 (65.S) Swords & Blades of the American Revolution. by, George C. Neumann. c. 1991.