Rare Captured British 2nd Model Brown Bess Flintlock Service Musket

$ 5,000.00

A Rare Antique British 2nd Model Brown Bess Flintlock Service Musket, circa. 1777-1780; captured by American forces and re-issued during the American Revolutionary War.  39.5", .75 cal. barrel (originally issued as 42" and reduced from hard use).  The lock is in good mechanical working order; has had all the British markings intentionally removed and replaced with a large 'US' (surcharge) and a small 'A' on the tail of the lock plate.  The frizzen has been re-faced because of hard use (common practice during the period).  All standard regulation 2nd Model pattern brass furniture has a dark olive color age patina; (trigger guard broken through at screw).  A crude blacksmith made iron barrel band secures stock at the lower ram rod pipe.  All steel parts have a deep dark brown/black age patina.  The stock is solid and dirty and has old worm holes; stress cracks, scratches, dings and sliver loses from around the lock mortise and both sides of the fore-end.  A great Historical Brown Bess Musket that looks as though it has not been touched since the end of the war !

Note; the 'US' surcharge was added to the lock as of a resolution passed by the Continental Congress in 1777 to mark all property owned by the United States.

Restoration: side screws (nails), tang screw, some furniture pins, crusted rust removal, tumbler screw.