PASS-CO EF-45 Liberty Cap Seal Black in Type, #2161 Colonial Currency

$ 4,950.00

Georgia. June 8, 1777. Seven Dollars. Blue Liberty Cap Seal Vignette. Black in Type. PASS-CO graded Extremely Fine-45.

Fr. GA-109b. This impressive quality note has the appearance of being nearly Uncirculated seen from its face side. Low serial number 25. It is extremely well centered with the added bonus of having a Jumbo Sheet margin at right. The paper appears fresh and clean, some deft sealed edge splits noted on its holder as light conservation at bottom. The red and black printed text is sharp and well printed, the blue Liberty Cap Seal is light and mostly clear. All five signatures are clearly readable in medium brown. There are some typical small numeric notations on the blank reverse side. This note is the much rarer Black in Type, which is missing in most collections and commands a 50% value premium as listed on page 149 in the 5th Edition of Newman, where it is valued at $5,500 in Extremely Fine.

Ref. #86246