Ottoman Empire Flintlock Pistol, #2723 Firearms

$ 1,250.00

An Antique Ottoman Empire Flintlock Pistol, circa. late 18th century. 8.5" .60 cal. round steel barrel w/decorative engraving at breech and unidentified signature. Brass furniture comprising of; side plate, wrist escutcheon, trigger guard, and long-eared butt cap. Lock is marked but is unidentified. Made without a ram-rod. Stock is solid w/scratches, minor loses, and dings from years of handling. All steel parts have salt and pepper pitting. In good working order.

Note; this pistol has had restoration: cock is a replacement.

The lock and barrel are most likely French in origin and were imported to construct this example.

PLEASE NOTE; This item is on exhibit at the gallery "GUY STUFF". Please check on availability before purchasing.


BP, SR 2011