Near Mint French Military Model 1777 Flintlock Pistol by, St. Etienne Arsenal, Dated 1779, #2342 Firearms

$ 4,500.00

A Fantastic Near Mint Antique French Military Model 1777 Flintlock Pistol circa, 1777-1779. 7.5" . 72 cal. round steel original blue turning dark barrel w/proof and date markes at breech. Original flint. Unique pattern lock/frame marked; "St. Etienne" (French arsenal), Dated; 'CROWN' over '79' (1779), w/inspector's marks on frame and trigger guard bow. Original belt hook stamped w/arsenal inspector's marks. The stock is solid stamped; 'CROWN' over '79' (1779), #'37' and many other inspector's marks, (some hard to make out). A truly outstanding example. In good working order.

Note; This pattern 1777 French flintlock pistol was extensively used in the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. This pattern was also the template for the first American Military flintlock pistol; Pattern 1799 made by contract; "S. NORTH & CHENEY"

Measures; 13.5"