Near Mint Civil War Austrian Model 1854 Lorenz Percussion Musket, Dated 1861

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A Fantastic Antique Near Mint Condition Civil War Period Model 1854 Lorenz Percussion Musket, Dated "1861".  37.25", .58 caliber rifled barrel marked on the top of breech "LE SEDERT"? with long range rear sight.  All steel regulation pattern furniture (all stamped "X 31").  Lock dated "1861" and stamped with a "STAR" at the tail end of the lock-plate.  All steel surfaces are "in the white" with very minor areas of discoloration.  The stock is solid with "VI" on the left side of the butt, light scratches and dings from years of handling.  The musket has the original wood tompion.  A remarkable condition example in good mechanical working order.

NOTE: These muskets were imported by both sides during the Civil War.  The Union purchased 226,000 from the Austrian Federal Government and re-bored from .54 caliber to .58 to permit the use of the standard issue .58 caliber Federal ammunition.