Music Lyric Sheets from mid-1850s - Stephen Foster

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Music Lyric Sheets from mid-1850s Songwriters—Including Stephen Foster!. c. 1850-60s, Lot of 7 Music Lyric Broadsheets by Various American Songwriters, Very Good-Very Fine.. Vintage lyric sheets, with a few gems—including lyrics by Stephen Foster, and an ode to New Hampshire history!1. “Willie We Have Missed You,” by Stephen C. Foster, no date, Printed by Andrews, NY, 6” x 8.25”, with dark crisp lettering, clipped along the top edge, with normal toning and a few stains.2. “Willie’s On The Dark Blue Sea”, no author or date, Published by William K. Wood, Boston, MA, approx. 8” x 5.5”, with torn and clipped top edge, minor foxing and stains, but lovely floral motifs and dark lettering.3. (Untitled): “…I understand there is a man, He’s worse than a deserter…” verses about Keene, New Hampshire and local figures such as Franklin Holman, “short-leg’d C---, and old J--- B---,”—no author or date, but clearly referencing New Hampshire history! Measures approx. 8.5” x 7.5”; lightly toned, worn and stained in places, with paper repairs and tape on the back.4. “Annie Laurie,” no author or date, Published by William K. Wood, Boston, MA, measuring approx. 9” x 6”, with dark toning, edge wear, foxing, but superb display appeal.5. “When You and I were Young, Maggie,” undated, no author, approx. 9” x 6.25”, nicely printed, with elaborate floral motifs along the edges—which are slightly worn.6. “Invitation Hymn”, “A Camp Meeting Hymn,” “Christ in the Garden,” and four other lyrics, set in print on a large broadsheet, approx. 18” x 12.5”, printed by Wood & Rupp, Springfield, (no date or author). Staining and foxing, but not detracting from the overall presence of the lyricsheet.7. “Lilly Dale,” Published by D. Kimball & Co., and A. Crawford Greene, Providence, Rhode Island, approx. 7.5” x 4.25”, age-toned but crisply printed.(7 items).