Miniature Portraits of Prominent Americans

$ 395.00

Group of Miniature Printed Portraits of Prominent Americans. c. 1800s-1900s, Lot of 20 Miniature Printed Portraits of Prominent Americans, Including William Livingston, Jonathan Dayton, General W.S. Rosecrans, John Jay and Roger Sherman, Steel Engraving, Lithograph and Photogravure, Mostly Extremely Fine.. This lot consists of small portraits, mostly about 2” in size, cut from larger prints. The first group of portraits are individuals in the New York state government, around 1798, cut from a lithographed reprint made in the mid-1800’s by Albany, NY printer Richard H. Pease. 1-6. JOHN JAY, STEPHEN VAN RENSSELAER, DIRCK TEN BROEDE, MR. BENTON, unidentified, and a strip of 3 portraits - MR. K. HOGEBOOM, MR. BENTON, MR. BROWN. 7. MRS. GEORGE CLINTON, lithograph by Richard H. Pease. 8. MAJOR GENERAL W.S. ROSECRANS, steel engraving, likely made during or after the Civil War. 9. ANDREW JACKSON, engraved, triangular-shaped, unlabeled portrait, likely printed in the early to mid-1800’s. 10. GENERAL SCOTT (in 1812), engraved, oval, unlabeled portrait, likely printed in the early to mid-1800’s. 11-13. Three unidentified portraits: a man and a woman, circular, and 2 unidentified male portraits. 14-20. This last group of portraits consists of photogravure prints in brown, produced by the Andersen-Lamb Company of New York, a 20th century company known for its high quality printing. The portraits in this group are ALEXANDER HAMILTON, WILLIAM LIVINGSTON, WILLIAM PATERSON, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, JONATHAN DAYTON, THOMAS MIFFLIN and ROGER SHERMAN. This group of portraits would be very useful in a display or to illustrate an article. (20 items)..