Massive Silver Stocked Flintlock Horse Pistol, #2369 Firearms

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A Fantastic Massive Silver Stocked Flintlock Horse Pistol, circa. 18th Century. Very interesting (2) touch hole ignition at breech for ensured firing or for super-imposed shots; 16" .60 cal. octagon-to-round steel barrel w/remnants of decorative engraving, (pitted from age). Lock engraved w/maker's name; 'AMBAUD' (very high quality); cock/hammer has an old repair. The stock and furniture are entirely made of engraved and high relief silver; butt cap 'ears' have (4) unidentified hallmarks and a wonderful Lion's face; interestingly, the plates on the wrist are of silver over copper. 32.5" overall length ! In good working order.

*This pistol has been professionally restored and cleaned.

Note; These types of pistol would have been owned by the wealthy, Royalty, and for presentation.