Massive English/American Colonial Flintlock Long Fowler, #749 Firearms

$ 4,750.00

A Massive English/American Colonial Flintlock Long Fowler, circa. 1760-1780 in original flintlock configuration. 60 6/8", .80 cal. octagon breech-to-round steel barrel. British Military 1st model pattern 1756 Long Land musket lock marked; 'TOWER' at the tail and a 'CROWN' over 'GR' (King George II) next to a small 'CROWN' over the 'BROAD ARROW' (Government Ownership mark); period replaced pattern 1777 cock (hammer). Re-cycled brass furniture consists of; British 1st Model Long Land Pattern Brown Bess lower ram rod pipe w/(2) modified middle ram rod pipes welded to the underside of barrel, salvaged trigger guard, fowler style butt plate w/light decorative engraving and no side plate. 1/2 Stock is solid w/scratches and dings from years of handling. Barrel held to stock by single iron barrel band. Iron ram rod is broken and not full length. An impressive long fowler in good mechanical working order. 77.5" overall.