Massachusetts Flintlock Militia Musket

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An Interesting Massachusetts Flintlock Militia Musket.  41" round smooth-bore barrel marked on the top left side of breech with a 'P' within an oval, 'M', over 'L', 'H' and the date '1828'.  The lock is from a French Military Model 1773/4 Musket with remnants of 'Charleville' (partially visible) that must have been leftover from the American Revolutionary War and re-used for this musket.  The overall form of the stock is of the U.S. Model 1816 musket made at the Springfield and Harper's Ferry Arsenals as well as many subcontractors.  Steel furniture includes butt plate, trigger guard, and barrel bands.  The stock is solid with an upper edge sliver missing from the right fore-end; scratches and dings from years of service.  The musket is in it's original flintlock configuration and is in good mechanical working order.