Manuscript Union Document ...Dress Parade

$ 250.00

Civil War “Dress Parade for a Brigade of Infantry”. Manuscript Union Document, “Form of Dress Parade for a Brigade of Infantry,” Choice Extremely Fine+.. Manuscript Document on fine-laid, lined paper, embossed “”CONGRESS” logo in upper left corner, no date or location, 12.25” x 7.8,” 3-page integral sheet. “Form of Dress Parade” is written in crisp, brown ink, and describes in great detail how infantry brigades paraded during the Civil War. In part: “The Brigade will be in line of Battalion Columns by Divisions right in front or (amble column) at full or half Distance with intervals of twenty two (22) paces between Battalions, all mounted officers will remain mounted. / The Colonels will be six paces from the left of their column opposite the center ...” A beautifully hand written document..