Japanese Short Wakizashi, Blade Unsigned, #2627 Edged Weapons

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An Antique Japanese Wakizashi, Edo Period, 16.25" blade, about 25" overall with grip. Blade having a relatively shallow curve, low-back ridge (mune), with a straight- medium point, visible temper (Hamon), in need of polish having a few small pits and minor scratches, unsigned tang. Round Pierced guard (Tsuba). (2) spacers(Seppa) present, grip (Tsukamaki) of Green color binding. Matched Menukis (one on each side of grip under the wrap) with matching Kashira (the end piece of the grip) and Fuchi (the closest piece of furniture of the grip closest to the Tsuba); scabbard (Saya) of black lacquer covered in leather (for WW II).