Interesting U.S. Military 1817 Flintlock Rifle by, Nathan Starr & Son, 1841, #1752 Firearms

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An Interesting and Possibly Unique U.S. Model 1817 Flintlock Rifle, a.k.a. "Common Rifle" (made c. 1817-1840's). This example made by contractor to the U.S. Government Nathan Starr & Son, Middletown, Connecticut, 1841. 36 1/8" round steel barrel (originally made in .54 rifled but now .56 cal. smooth bore); stuck on the left side of breech; "J C B" over and "P" within and oval and dated on the top of tang "1841". Lock marked on the tail; 'MIDD TN, CONN, 1841' and remnants of 'NATHAN STARR & SON' in front of hammer (period replaced frizzen spring). Brass furniture; oval patch-box on right side of butt. Curly Maple stock is solid w/large slivers missing on the upper left and right side of fore-end, w/scratches and dings from years of service. All steel parts have salt and pepper pitting (some areas heavier than others). 51" overall.

Note; The standard pattern consisted of iron mountings, steel ram rod with trumpet type head capped with brass cap. Never intended for use with a bayonet. The barrel retained by (3) barrel bands.

This example is different in the following ways; the barrel is pinned to the Curly Maple stock, is mounted with brass furniture and has a 'roman nose' style of butt stock (which is very pleasing...).

Several possibilities; 1). this is a pattern piece that was not mass produced. 2). this example was made from leftover parts during the period. 3). this example was re-stocked utilizing the original parts and customized for the owner.

Ref. pp. 555-556, FLAYDERMAN'S GUIDE TO ANTIQUE AMERICAN FIREARMS...and their values, 9th Edition., by, Norm Flayderman, c.2007