Interesting British Military 3rd Model Brown Bess Flintlock Service Musket, TOWER, #3142 Firearms

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A Good British 3rd Model Brown Bess Flintlock Service Musket, circa. 1780-1800. 39.25", .75+ cal. round steel barrel w/(2) large British Royal Armory Tower proofs; surface porosity and pitting w/dark age patina.. Early 3rd model Lock marked; "TOWER", a "CROWN" over "GR" and a small "CROWN" stamp (Government Ownership). Original Flint. Brass regulation furniture including a personalized engraved side plate w/'L F'?; lower sling swivel is intact. Stock is marked; on the right side of the comb w/a large 'CROWN' over a circle containing '5' over '27', 'Ordnance Cipher' over an 'Irish Hibernian Harp'; 'Irish Hibernian Harp' mark on the tail section of side plate flat and at the tail of the trigger guard just above a 'CROWN' over '3' (inspector's Mark); several marks in the ram rod channel; otherwise solid w/a very dark varnish wearing through in areas; normal scratches and dings from years of service. 56.5" overall length. In good working mechanical order and may have seen service at the tail end of the American Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and the Napoleonic Wars. A very solid example with intriguing markings.

Note; Interesting Irish marking. The musket may have been purchased to arm a private Irish Militia Unit. It was common for wealthy land owners to have their own local Militia Unit(s). Researching...


Consignment; HG, 2019.