Important British/Colonial Flintlock Pistol, #2882 Firearms

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An important British/American Colonial Flintlock Military Pistol, circa. (TOWER). This pistol was originally a British ordinance produced Military Pattern 1738 Heavy Dragoon Flintlock Pistol made by contractor for King George II and the parts; (barrel, and brass side plate) have been recycled during the period by an American Colonial gun maker most likely during the French & Indian War through the American Revolution to the War of 1812 to make the current pistol. The Pistol exhibits signs that several locks have been fitted to this pistol.  The current lock, (circa, 1790-1800) is marked “TOWER” and “CROWN” over “GR” (King George III).  Brass butt cap, trigger guard, and sheet brass ram rod pipes are very crude (a typical American Colonial trait because of the urgent need of Arms). The stock is also rather crude. The barrel has been reduced from 12" to 9". In good working order.