Hand Forged Iron Scottish?/ English (BILL) Pole-Arm Head, #807 Edged Weapons

$ 475.00

A good Scottish?/English "BILL" also known as a Guisarme(Gisarme) and Fauchard Pole-Arm head (no haft) circa. 17th - early 18th century. Armourer's mark; "C F" deeply struck. 16" overall length.

Ref. See; pp.113,114,116., A GLOSSARY OF THE CONSTRUCTION, DECORATION and Use of Arms and Armor IN ALL COUNTRIES AND IN ALL TIMES Together with Some Closely Related Subjects., by, GEORGE CAMERON STONE., c.1934,1961.

Ref. See; pp. 83-85., THE COMPLETE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ARMS & WEAPONS., by, Leonid Tarassuk & Claude Blair., c. 1979.

Please Note; according to; Archaeological evidence, Armoury records, and Museum Collections have this type of weapon was used through-out All Europe,and later in the Americas and the primitive examples are thought originate in England and Scotland first as an agricultural tool.