Gold Scale (Encased) by DEGRAVE SHORTS, FANNER, LONDON, #822 Antiquery

$ 3,500.00

A fantastic encased Gold scale by; "DEGRAVE SHORTS, FANNER, LONDON" of the "DOLFRWY NOG. MINING Co.", circa. 19th century. Base measures; 16.5" wide X 11.75" deep. The above mounted glass case measures; 16.25" wide X 7.5" deep X 18" high. The maker's name is engraved on the center of the balance and the mining Co. name is engraved on an inleted piece of ivory on the base. Balance/leveling adjusters are mounted on each corner of the base. The center drawer contains a variety of accessories. A fantastic example in good working order.

From; The L.G. Harrison Collection...