German/Prussian Military Flintlock Service Musket, #3141 Firearms

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A Good German/Prussian Military Flintlock Service Musket from the reign of King Friederick Wilhelm of Prussia, circa. last quarter of the 18th century. The form of this musket is in the latter evolution of the pattern 1740 service musket. 41.25" .62 cal. round steel barrel w/bayonet lug mounted on the underside of muzzle. Original Flint. Regulation brass furniture w/Royal Cipher engraved on the side plate. Original sling swivels. Wood ram rod. Lock is engraved; 'POTZDAM' and has a flash pan guard (seldom encountered). Stock has many traits of the early pattern 1740 but is a bit on the lighter side w/a raised cheek which may indicate that this was intended for an Officer; w/age cracks around the wrist area; scratches and dings from years of service. The letters 'G A O' is carved on the right side of butt of stock. In good mechanical working order.