Full Suit of Fluted Armour Referred to as Maximilian after the Emperor Maximilian I (1493-1519) #1515

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A very nice Antique Full Suit of Fluted Armour referred to as "Maximilian" after the Emperor Maximilian I (1493-1519) in the style of circa 1520, comprehensively early 19th century. The entire suit (all elements) are of correct hand hammered form. The entire suit shows wear and age pitting w/the chin of the helmet clearly showing de-lamination. The Arms (Paldrons, upper and lower cannons, vambraces, and mitten style gauntlets attache to the multi-lame gorget on each side. The multi-lame Tassets are attached to the Breast Plate. The legs (Cuisse, Greaves, and wide toe Sabatons have wide defensive Poleyns). The entire suit has been recently professionaly cleaned, waxed, re-mounted and re-leathered for proper display. This type/form of armour was made in Southern Germany and Venice Italy and was very popular in the first third of the sixteenth century, especially in Germany. A fine and affordable example, (if this suit were entirely of the 1520 period would be well over $100,000.00).

Ref; Similar suit in; Sotheby's Auction, Saturday, June 1, 1991, European Works of Art, Arms and Armour, Tapestries and Furniture., New York., Lot# 465.

Consignment; The Silk Road Trading, Co., 2013-14