French 18th Century 'Queen Anne Style' Flintlock Pistol, #2719 Firearms

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A Rare Antique Silver Mounted French Turn-Off Cannon Barrel Flintlock Pistol made by; 'Louis Lamotte a St. Etienne', 'Balthazar Granier a Smirne', circa. mid 18th century and in the classic style/form of the English Queen Anne pistol. 3.75" multi-stage round iron turn-off barrel w/cannon muzzle. Original frizzen has been re-faced during the period of use. Sliding trigger guard safty. Silver butt cap in the form of a Lion's face. The wood grip stock has had restoration over the years; once having fine silver wire inlay; mended age cracks, scratches and dings from years of service. In good working order.

Note; Silver butt cap has at one time been proofed for purity in England and has English Proofs. Turn-off barrel is frozen.