Extremely Rare 17th Century Wheel Lock Trap/Alarm Gun to deter Grave Robbers, #3155 Firearms

$ 3,500.00


An Extremely Rare late 16th - 17th Century (1580-1640) Wheel Lock Trap/Alarm Gun made to ward off GRAVE ROBBERS & BODY SNATCHERS ! Most likely German 37", .80 cal. smooth-bore octagon-to-multi-sided-to-round steel barrel engraved on the top flat; 'B H Z S', 'N. 58'; struck on the left side w/proof marks; large brass front blade sight. Wheel Lock rather plain and in good working mechanical order. The gun can be fired by setting up a trip wire attached to the ring mounted just under the butt or at the ring just in front of the end of stock at fore-end. Original oak stock w/intentional hole drilled through for mounting; worm holes, loses, scratches and dings from use. 50.5" overall length. The firing mechanism still works and comes with the spanner !
Note; This gun was designed to deter grave robbers. The medical field in the 16th and 17th century was a controversial study which had underground cult like gatherings of Doctors and Scientist to examine and experiment on human cadavers. This practice was seen by most country's as illegal and against the church. These groups would employ the brave and desperate to exhume and deliver fresh corpses for study which proved to be very lucrative if they didn't get caught or shot by one of these anti-grave robbing guns !!!