English Percussion Conversion Pocket Pistol by H. NOCK, LONDON, #2483 Firearms

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A Fine Antique English Percussion Conversion Pocket Pistol originally made as a flintlock by; 'H NOCK, LONDON' (Henry Hock), circa. 1770-1804, converted, circa. 1830's. 1.5" .45 cal. round iron turn-off barrel engraved at the muzzel and stamped w/(1) Birmingham PROOF mark. Brass round 'box-lock' frame maker engraved; 'H NOCK' on left side and 'LONDON' on the right; w/fine decorative engraving depicting panoplys-of-arms; stamped w/(2) Birmingham PROOF marks. Drop trigger; sliding top mounted safty. Stock is solid w/fine micro checkering light scratches and dings from years of handling; silver wrist escutcheon; wonderful silver Lion's Head butt cap. 6.5" overall. In good working order EXCEPT; in need of a sear spring.