English Percussion Box-Lock Pocket Pistol by MORTIMER, LONDON, #2442 Firearms

$ 625.00

An Antique English Percussion Box-Lock Pocket Pistol by; 'MORTIMER, LONDON', circa. 1840. 1.75" .42 cal. round iron turn-off barrel struck on the underside with a BIRMINGHAM PROOF mark, frame engraved; 'MORTIMER' on the left and 'LONDON' on the right side w/BIRMINGHAM PROOF marks and the caliber #'42' stamped at the underside of the breech, drop trigger. Solid one piece wood grip. In good working order. 6.5" overall.

PLEASE NOTE: this item is on exhibit "for sale" at a gallery called "GUY STUFF". Please check on the availability before placing the order.