English Over & Under Tap Action Box-Lock Flint Pistol by DURS EGG, LONDON

$ 2,950.00

A Good and scarce English over & under tap action box-lock flint pistol by; "DURS EGG, LONDON", circa. 1770-1780. Two, 2", .45 cal. round turn-off barrels numbered; "1" and "2". Steel frame marked; (2) Tower private proofs and engraved; "DURS EGG" on one side and "LONDON" on the other with panoply's of arms.  All steel parts are slightly worn. Sliding top safety behind cock. Barrel selector lever on the left side of frame (Tap Action). 7.5" overall length.

NOTE: Durs Egg is one of the most desirable and recognizable English gun maker's. In good mechanical working order.

Ref: See; GUNMAKERS OF LONDON 1350-1850. by, Howard L. Blackmore. c. 1986, p. 88.