A Fantastic Cased Pair of English Flintlock Box-lock Blunderbuss Pistols by Williams, London

$ 15,500.00

A Fantastic Antique Cased Pair of English Flintlock Box-lock Blunderbuss Pistols by WILLIAMS, LONDON, circa. 1770's.  6.25", round brass barrels struck with (2) early "Crossed Scepter" Proofs and made with side mounted spring bayonets on the right side and ram rods on the left side.  The box-lock frame engraved "Williams" on the left side and with decorative engraving with the spring bayonet release on the right side.  Engraved steel trigger guards.  Top mounted sliding safety's can be engaged in the half-cock position.  Both bag shaped flat slab sided stocks with vacant oval shaped silver wrist escutcheons and both are solid and have light scratches and dings from years of handling.  Both pistols are in their original flintlock configuration and are in good mechanical working order.  A beautiful pair of pistols !

Each pistol measures: 11" overall.

Accessories include: a wonderful red leather covered 3-way powder flask, bullet mold, tow, patches, lead balls, extra flints, turn screw, powder measure, extra flints, red leather flint wallet, and wads. 

Note: These pistols are not original to the box but are a wonderful marriage.

High Quality Period English box with inset carrying handle in lid Measures: 15" X 8.5" X 2.75" with correct thin English green baize lining (restored interior).  Escutcheon plate and Key for front lock is missing.

ORIGINAL TRADE LABEL:  "E & W. BOND, Sword Cutlers & Gun Makers To His Majesty's Honorable BOARD OF ORDNANCE, And The Honorable East India Company."  "45 Cornhill LONDON."  (c. 1854-1859) 

The Gun Maker: The WILLIAMS family of gun makers date back to the mid 16th century.  These blunderbuss pistols could have been made by Abel Williams (1725-1783) or Richard (1) Williams (1772-1805) or Robert Williams (1763-1782) or William Major Williams (1760-1780) son of Abel Williams.