Wonderful Cased Pair of English Flintlock Box-Lock Pistols by KETLAND & Co., LONDON

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A Wonderful Antique Cased Pair of English Flintlock Box-Lock Pistols of the American Revolutionary War period by KETLAND & Co., LONDON, circa. 1775-1785; Cased, circa. 1840's.  4", .45 cal. 4-stage brass cannon muzzle turn-off barrels each struck with (2) early oval proof marks.  The brass box-lock frames are decoratively engraved with a basket of flowers and foliage and "KETLAND & Co.".  The bag shaped slab-sided wood stocks are solid with very fine silver wire inlay (some loses), both with light scratches and dings from years of handling.  The steel trigger guards also function as the safety when moved forward in the half-cock position.  Both pistols are in their original flintlock configuration and are in good mechanical working order.  A beautiful pair of pistols !

Each pistol measures: 9.5" overall.

Accessories include: powder flask, bullet mold, tow, lead balls, extra flints, barrel wrench, turn screw, and wads. 

High Quality Period English box Measures: 13.5" X 7" X 2.5" with correct English green baize lining (most likely restored interior).  Key for front lock is missing.

ORIGINAL TRADE LABEL:  "John Manton, GUN MAKER To Their Royal Highness's The Prince of Wales and Duke of York.".  'No. 6 Dover Street."  (circa. 1801-1815).

Note: All brass flintlock weapons were highly prized by those working on ships because of the resistance to salt water corrosion.

The Gun Maker: The Ketland gun making family is known to have been producing guns from as early as the 1760's.  Thomas Ketland and Ketland & Co. is known to have offices in the colonies, (The new United States (especially Philadelphia c. 1789-1800).  They had a contract with the U.S. Government to supply gun locks and other parts.  The British Government did not like this relationship and stopped many orders to the United States.  The Ketland gun making family produced and sold guns all over the colonies especially to the fur traders.