A very interesting early Colonial Flintlock Long Fowler/musket

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A very interesting early Colonial Flintlock Long Fowler/Musket, circa. 1730’s.  48”, .67 caliber octagon to round smooth-bore Barrel.  The Holster Pistol size lock is a Period replacement made by SEGALAS.  Wood was replaced around the mortise of the lock to accommodate the replacement.  Dutch style side plate and butt plate.  Early French style trigger guard. The long gun is in its original Flintlock configuration.  The stock has relief carving around the lock mortise and barrel tang.  The stock was broke through the wrist area and repaired during its working life.  There are slivers if wood missing from the upper edges of the fore-end with overall scratches and dings from years of service.  There are some very interesting military marks as well as personal graffiti carved on both sides of the butt of the stock.  There are a few brass furniture tacks in the stock in front and back of the lock, behind the barrel tang and just under the side plate indicating this long gun may have been owned at one time by a Colonial Native American Indian !  A great example of Colonial history in good mechanical working order.

Note: the cock has an old weld repair.  The stock has has restoration over its working life with loses, cracks and some small areas of fill.