Civil War Period European Percussion Musket, Dated 1860 Period Modified into a Blunderbuss

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An antique Civil War period European (most likely German/Austrian) single shot military percussion musket dated "1860" on the lock plate.  The musket was modified during its working life to a small blunderbuss.  The butt has been reduced as well as the fore-stock.  The barrel was replaced with a percussion blunderbuss barrel of the period.  The presence of the (3) brass head furniture tacks may indicate that this gun was used by the Native Americans after the Civil War during the Plains Indian Wars of the 1870's and 1880's.  10.25" steel percussion blunderbuss barrel.  23" overall.

Note: Some wood worm damage to the stock in the area of the top of the butt.

NOTE: These muskets were imported by both sides during the Civil War.  The Union purchased 226,000 from the Austrian Federal Government and re-bored from .54 caliber to .58 to permit the use of the standard issue .58 caliber Federal ammunition.