Fantastic Military Infantry Saber (DUSSAGGE)/Sinclairsabel (SINCLAIR SABER)

$ 8,750.00

A Wonderful Antique Military Infantry Saber known as a (DUSSAGGE) or SINCLAIRSABEL (SINCLAIR SABER), circa. late 16th century. 32.5" flat broad 1 3/8" curved blade double-edged toward the unique 'hatchet' point with single fuller and an unidentified armorer's mark on each side; iron hilt comprising round vertically re-curved quillons terminating in flattened and flaring tips; half-basket form guard (diamond pierced in the form of a cross), joined to the knuckle-guard by an S-shaped diagonal bar, a single slender rounded arm projecting on the leading side and joined to both the rear quillon and thumb-ring by an inner diagonal; pyramidal shaped pommel, and the grip retaining its original plait wire with upper and lower 'turk's heads'. Patches of light pitting on surfaces. The ultimate Pirate sword !

38.25" overall length.  No scabbard.

Note; This is a rare sword. Swords of this type are frequently referred to as Sinclairsabel, of which many were imported into Norway by Christian IV of Denmark and Norway. These are also referred to as the first forms of the Scottish Basket Hilt. Others are found in a wide number of preserved German and Austrian arsenals, including that at Graz in Styria.

Private Collection...

Ref. See; p.385 Swords and Sword Makers of England and Scotland., by, Richard H. Bezdek.,