American Revolutionary War, American Colonial Period German States Silver 1/3 THALER Dated 1765

$ 75.00

A very nice example, American Revolutionary War, Colonial Period German States Silver 1/3 THALER dated 1765.  The period made hole in coin has been utilized to add a (14K gold) suspension ring so the coin can be worn as a pendant.  These coins were used throughout the American Colonies.

Date; 1765, E
Reign; CAROLUS D, Armored draped bust right.
Denomination- 1/3 THALER
Grade- XF/AU (Holed).

Total Weight: 7.1 grams.

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Note: Many people ask why old coins have holes drilled in them.  Well, there are many reasons and possibilities.  Pockets in clothing during the Colonial Period were not the best and coins were lost all the time.  Most people carried their coins in small drawstring pouches.  Some would drill holes and put the coins on a string to keep them together.  Many coins were given to Native Americans as gifts and "Peace Tokens or Medals" and were then worn around the neck.  There have been Colonial American Native American archaeological burial dig sites where coins were recovered with holes exhibiting the coins being used as decorations/jewelry.