Late CIVIL WAR Period ENGLISH CASED COLT Model 1849 Pocket Percussion Revolver

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An Antique Late Civil War Period ENGLISH CASED COLT Model 1849 Pocket Percussion Revolver circa, #279840, all matching (1865). 5", .31 cal. octagon steel barrel, blue and case hardened finish w/ "ADDRESS. SAML COLT, NEW YORK CITY" on the top flat w/30%+ original blue finish, strong in protected areas, some light to moderate erosion and pinprick pitting around the cylinder's percussion nipples. Silver plated brass trigger guard and back-strap w/approx. 5%+ original uncleaned silver plate finish remaining. Frame marked; "COLTS PATENT"; hammer, and loading lever show strong traces of case hardening and some colorful areas around the edges. 6-Shot Cylinder has 85% of the scene visible and shows a grey patina w/some light cleaning. Slim Jim style grips retain approx. 90%+ original varnish w/minor age scratches and dings from years of handling. Some of the screw heads are slightly marred. In good mechanical working order, tight action, crisp overall.  A very nice cased Colt !!!

The original English COLT Box with original blue velvet lined interior; original 'Loading & Cleaning' trade label; box measures: 11.5" wide X 6" deep X 2" high.  Original accessories include: COLT'S PATENT (31 PK) BULLET MOLD, 'L' SHAPED NIPPLE WRENCH, CLEANING ROD, LARGE ELEY BROTHERS CAP TIN FULL OF CAPS, JAMES DIXON & SONS, SHEFFIELD POWDER FLASK.

Note: Usually one finds a London Colt in an English Box. This original English box shows evidence of housing a 4" and a 5" barrel revolver by the lose of wood from the front site grabbing at the interior edge.  Who knows how many revolvers were kept in this box over the years ???