British Brass Barrel Flintlock Blunderbuss, circa. 1780

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 An Antique British Flintlock Brass Barrel Blunderbuss, circa. 1780.  12" Brass Blunderbuss Barrel struck with CROSSED SCEPTER Proofs on the left side of breech with decorative engraving.  The lock is unsigned with simple boarder line engraving.  All brass furniture with decorative engraving.  The stock is solid with old repairs to the left side of the muzzle fore-end and possibly above the upper rear above the tail of the lock, scratches, multiple dings on the right side of the butt and staining from years of service.  Replaced wood ram rod.  The blunderbuss is in its original flintlock configuration.  All steel surfaces have salt and pepper rust pitting.  In good mechanical working order. 

Note; There are Irish registry marks stamped on the butt plate (KD-3390)