An Antique English Flintlock Pistol by GRIFFIN with Spanish Barrel

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French & Indian War - Revolutionary War Period

An antique English Flintlock pistol for an Officer or Gentlemen made by “GRIFFIN”, circa. 1750-1760.  The maker utilized a high quality older octagon-to-round 10” . 69 caliber smooth-bore Spanish made barrel with a gold touch hole insert.  Originally the entire barrel was fire blued with decorative gold overlay and silver inlay (only remnants of the bluing and gold overlay remain on the underside of the barrel).  The top flats of the barrel retain the decorative silver inlay and has two makers marks, a “CROWN” over “CAR/BON/ELL” and “B A” within a “SQUARE”.  The round face lock has simple decorative engraved edges and maker marked “GRIFFIN”.  The pistol is in its original flintlock configuration.  All steel furniture has decorative engraving with areas of salt and pepper pitting from rust.  The high quality stock has the shell pattern carved in high relief around the barrel tang typical of the Georgian period.  There is a 2.5” slanted section of wood repaired at the muzzle and the entry ram rod pipe is a later replacement.  Otherwise, the stock is solid with light scratches and dings from years of handling.  16.5” overall length.  All steel surfaces have a pleasing dark age patina.  The wood ram rod is a replacement in the correct form.  A great looking pistol in good mechanical working order.


NOTE: It was common for English Gun Makers to build guns with high quality foreign barrels especially those made in Spain and the Ottoman Empire.  The barrel maker; “CARBONELL”, Pero (Pedro) worked in Ripoll, Spain, circa. 1700-1730, and “B A” is for Barcelona, Spain.