A Large Ottoman Empire Flintlock "DAG" Blunderbuss Pistol

$ 2,500.00

A large antique Ottoman Empire flintlock “Dag” blunderbuss pistol coveted by the Barbary Coast pirates, circa. 1780-1830.  12.5” steel blunderbuss barrel with flaring muzzle and inlaid with decorative panels made of brass on the flats around the breech area.  The flint lock has rather crude decorative engraving and has a dark and dirty age patina.  The gun is in its original flintlock configuration and functions correctly as designed.  All brass furniture.  The stock has an old repair to the toe of the butt with areas of decorative carving, bone inlays and patterns of brass dome top nails.  Overall, the stock is with light scratches and dings from handling.  23.25” overall length.  

NOTE:  This gun is very similar to TTI-561221.