An Ottoman Empire Iron Barrel Flintlock "DAG" Blunderbuss Pistol

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An antique Ottoman Empire Flintlock Iron Barrel “Dag” blunderbuss pistol coveted by the Barbary Coast pirates, circa. 1800-1880.  11.75” steel blunderbuss barrel with flaring muzzle with rather crude decorative elements on top of the breech and acid etching with a small area of silver koftgari overlay.  The flint lock form is similar to the French military model 1777.  All steel furniture.  The stock exhibits some minor loses, cracked through the wrist and fixed in two places otherwise, is solid with inlaid brass wire with light scratches and dings from handling.  The blunderbuss pistol is in its original flintlock configuration and in good mechanical working order.  24.25” overall length.  

Note; The barrel is hand hammered wrought iron and is rather thin in the breech area.  We have encountered many of these Dag blunderbuss pistols with inferior made barrels.  Some were made intentionally to sabotage the shooter !  Others are just poorly made.  Some examples were made only as wall displays never intended to be fired.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIRE !!!