Antique European Flintlock Hunting Musket

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 An Antique European (possibly German) Flintlock Musket, circa. 1770's.  39.5", .70 caliber smooth-bore round steel barrel has a brass touch hole insert and decorative brass site on the top of muzzle.  Unmarked lock with partial round face and brass pan.  Brass furniture includes a cold weather wood trigger guard.  Original wood ram rod with horn tip.  The stock is solid with an impressive thick cheek swell and wide butt; decorative incised carving with a horn fore-end cap; scratches and dings from years of handling.  There is a small remnant of leather from the original shoulder sling.  54" overall length.  In good mechanical working order.  A great looking gun !

NOTE: The stock is made in two pieces (see photos).  It is our opinion that the gun was originally made this way.  It is entirely possible that it is a period repair.  It is our opinion that this musket has been re-converted and if so, very well done.