A Very Rare Antique French & Indian War - Revolutionary War period British Royal Navy Sea Service Flintlock Ship's Musket by FARMER 1747

$ 12,000.00


An Antique French & Indian War - Revolutionary War period Flintlock Ship's Musket made by contractor to the Tower of London "FARMER", dated "1747".  34.25", .75 caliber smooth-bore round barrel has a thick dark rust age patina and struck with early Tower PROOFS on the top of the breech.  Early British 1st model Long Land Pattern Brown Bess lock marked "FARMER" over the date "1747", a "CROWN" over "GR" (hard to see but there, see photos).  Standard Sea Service pattern brass furniture which retains a lovely untouched dark olive color age patina.  The long gun is in its original flintlock configuration.  Older replacement wood ram rod.  The classic form stock, is solid with scratches and dings from years of service and handling.  50" overall length.  In good mechanical working order.  A great looking untouched long gun !

NOTE: The frizzen spring is a period black-smith made replacement.  The fore-end of the stock is broke through at the middle ram rod pipe.  Minor period wood fill in areas.  Many of these early Sea Service muskets started out with 46" barrels and over time reduced in length because of how cumbersome they were when being used on the ships.