An Antique British Military Royal Navy Flintlock Long Sea Service Pistol

$ 4,750.00

 An antique British Military Royal Navy Flintlock Long Sea Service Pistol, circa. 1777-1780, dated 1805 on the stock.  12", .56 cal. round iron pinned barrel marked with (2) Tower Proofs on the left side of the breech and a small "BROAD ARROW" (Government ownership mark), and what appears to be a small "CROWN" over "9" stamped on the end of the tang.  All steel parts have been cleaned in the past leaving salt & pepper rust pitting.  Brass regulation furniture.  The pistol retains the original iron belt hook with a "CROWN" inspection stamp.  Lock is marked; "TOWER" a "CROWN" over "GR" (King George III) and a "CROWN" over "BROAD ARROW" (Government Ownership mark). Correct brass tipped wood ram rod (interior end broken off).  Stock is marked just behind the rear of the side plate with a small "CROWN" over "G" and "T H" above the rear of the side-plate.  The "STORES KEEPER" mark and the date "1805" is stamped just above the rear of the lock.   Two additional arsenal inspector marks of a small "CROWN" over "9" are stamped on the right side of the grip above the trigger guard.  There are multiple inspector's stamps in the stock's ram rod channel.  The stock has a raised "Beavertail" around the barrel tang that is also stamped with (2) opposing "BROAD ARROWS" forming what appears as an hourglass (Government condemnation mark symbolizing the pistol is no longer in the Arsenal stores).  The overall stock is solid, with scratches and dings from years of service.  19.5" overall length.  The pistol is in it's original flintlock configuration.  A very nice Sea Service pistol that was definitely in service and in good mechanical working order.  This pistol may have seen service in the American Revolutionary War, 1776-1783, Battle of Trafalgar and the War of 1812 !

NOTE: These are some of my favorite flintlock pistols.  The overall size, design and quality of the British military weapons are hard to improve upon...

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also see; BOARDER AWAY II Firearms of the Age of Fighting Sail. by, William Gilkerson. c. 1993, pp. 225- (245) 276.


PRIVATE COLLECTION, Consignment; Ben S. 2022 #13.