An Ottoman Empire Brass Barrel Miquelet Flintlock "DAG" Blunderbuss Pistol

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An antique Ottoman Empire miquelet flintlock brass barrel “Dag” blunderbuss pistol coveted by the Barbary Coast pirates, circa. 1780-1830.  8.5” brass blunderbuss barrel with flaring muzzle cast with decorative elements on top of the breech.  The miquelet flint lock has decorative silver inlay in areas and has a dark and dirty age patina and functions correctly as designed.  All brass furniture has been recently polished and when made, cast with decorative elements.  Ball trigger.  The stock is solid with areas of decorative high relief carving with light scratches and dings from handling.  The blunderbuss pistol is in its original flintlock configuration and in good mechanical working order.  17.5” overall length.  

Note; the frizzen spring is rather soft.  It is our opinion that this gun may have been restocked at some point utilizing an original period lock.  All of the brass parts including the barrel are a bit crude.