An antique Middle Eastern/Ottoman Empire flintlock “Jazail” carbine.

$ 900.00

An antique Middle Eastern/Ottoman Empire flintlock “Jazail” carbine, circa. 1810.  The steel 26.5” .54 caliber multi-stage barrel most likely started out as a matchlock and later reused for this carbine.  The interior of the barrel is very interesting where it is octagonal.  The lock used to build this gun is from the British East India Company and is marked with the “RAMPANT LION” and dated on the tail of the lock plate “1810”.  The gun is in its original flintlock configuration.  The barrel is held to the fore-end of the stock by two brass barrel bands.  Hand forged iron ram rod.  The form of stock is unique to the Middle East region.  The stock is solid with age cracks and sliver losses from both upper edges of the fore-end barrel channel and has scratches and dings from years of handling.  An interesting flintlock Jazail carbine that most likely was used in the Anglo-Afghan Wars against the British in the early 1840’s.