A Very Rare and important Early British Military Flintlock Militia or Volunteer Pistol by BUMFORD

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A Very Rare and important Early British Military Flintlock Militia or Volunteer Pistol by BUMFORD, c. 1710-1730 (Reign of Queen Anne - King George I-II).  This form of pistol may have been made for heavy cavalry and Sea Service use.

12 1/8", .66 cal. round steel smooth-bore barrel with (2) oval PROOF & VIEW marks, and the barrel makers mark a small "CROWN" over "I B" (John Bumford).  The barrel tang is secured by a screw from the bottom that also secures the front portion of the trigger guard.  The flat lock is held to the stock by (3) side nails (screws) and stamped "BUMFORD" with a squared top frizzen and omitting the pan bridle.  Brass regulation or pattern furniture includes an early single ribbed ram rod pipe, an early strait-edged butt cap and surface mounted trigger guard of the 1695-1700 period, and a flat double-arm side plate very similar to the Ordnance pattern 1703 pistol of Queen Anne's reign.  The pistol is in its original flintlock configuration.  Stock is has a simple raised Beaver tail carved around the barrel tang.  The stock is solid with the original varnish and has light scratches and dings from years of handling and service.   All steel surfaces have areas of light surface rust pitting.   Original wood ramrod with brass tip and steel worm.  19.5" overall length.  In good mechanical working order.  An excellent example of a very early variant that may have seen service in conflicts in Europe and in the French and Indian War, 1757-1763 and the American Revolutionary War, 1776-1783.

Note:  There has not been much written about these early British military style pistols until recently and much research is still needed to fully understand and document these early variants.  

THE MAKER: John BUMFORD.  Recorded as working at Alcester, Warwickshire and Ratcliff, London.  His son (John) took over the business, c. 1730's.

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